At Flynn’s Carpet Cents, we take great pride in the work that we do each and every day. If you are looking into getting carpets in your home, then starting here is a great place! Our customers are top priority to us and we would be happy to help you better understand what new carpet entails.

For many homeowners, carpet is the go to choice, and has been for a long time. Over time with all of the new developments of different flooring options, carpet has remained the most popular of them all.

Carpet remains in the top position for many reasons. Carpet is comfortable, easily installed and replaced, exceptionally priced, and has endless options of designs and looks. It actually has more styles to choose from than any other flooring option. Not to mention, carpet adds warmth and quietness to the feel of your home. It is a soft look that no other flooring can provide.

Carpet has many advantages

  • Excellent Value

    Often less expensive than solid flooring.

  • Adds Warmth

    Carpet is an excellent insulator and will feel warm under your feet and to the touch.

  • Soft

    Soft on feet and gentle on children's knees.

  • Quiet

    Much quieter than hard surface floors when walked on.

  • Varieties

    Carpet is offered in a wide variety of colors, tones, and shades.

  • Easy

    Can be installed in any room in your home and requires little or no subfloor prep.

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