Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors are often used in kitchens and baths and this is because they not only come in a huge variety of colors and textures, but vinyl has a great resistance to water.

These floors are fairly easy to maintain and keep tidy with the only difficulty being grit that gets pressed into the surface.

The reason for their popularity leads from their affordability combined with the beautiful look a new vinyl gives off. Vinyl can come in two different forms; sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). To simplify this reading, we will refer to sheet vinyl simply as vinyl, or vinyl flooring and use the abbreviation of LVT for the tile form. LVT has the same benefits of vinyl, is offered in many colors, and can be used in any room.

When it comes to the performance level of the floors, today’s premium wear layers have outstanding resistance to stains, scuffs, and scratches. This is especially beneficial for active families with children or pets. You can even get wear layers that are enhanced by adding aluminum oxide in order to provide even more exceptional resistance to scratching. Not only the scratching, but the messes become a breeze when you have stain resistant flooring that avoids hassle.

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Vinyl has many advantages

  • Endless Options

    New designs and styles, including stones, woods, and ceramics

  • Soft

    Warm cushiony feel to it as opposed to natural stone which is cold and hard to the touch

  • Durable

    Today’s premium wear layers have outstanding resistance to stains, scuffs, and scratches

  • Easy to clean

    Hassle-free maintenance makes vinyl a good choice for active families.

  • Affordable

    Vinyl offers the best selections at the lowest prices

  • Stain Resistant

    Messes are no problem since vinyl is stain resistant

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