Carpet types


Carpet types

It is easy to understand that as a person shopping for carpet, there can almost be too many choices and can be overwhelming at first. By taking the time to learn some of the basic styles and choices, it can help you gain some foundation of what you do and do not want in your home.

At Flynn’s Carpet Cents, you will learn that the beautiful yet practical styles to even the most formal designs can be seen and are available for you to choose from. The endless designs can be added to any room.

There are three key factors to make sure you are choosing the right type of carpet. By finding the right balance between cost, design, and performance, you will be sure that you are bringing home your right choice. By reading this piece that we have provided for you, the carpet shopping experience will be much easier and can help you have some basic understanding of what you need in your home.

For starters, there are six essential types of carpet. They are texture, saxony, frieze (also known as shag), cable, loop, and patterned (also known as cut & loop).

Each style has its own characteristics and performance levels. You should cautiously contemplate all of the style of carpet’s features when making your choice.


This is a common cut pile carpet that has alternating coils of yarn often creating a toned look.
This carpet has an overall casual feel, but does a good job at hiding foot or vacuum marks.
Textured carpets are best used for active families. Their versatility can be used in any room of the house and can be matched due to its broad range of colors and densities.

This style of carpet is more formal and elegant in design. If you are looking for a less casual look and feel, Saxony might be a good option to look at.

This carpet is plush to the touch and has a luxurious feel. In the making of this style, each yarn was created using a uniform twist and finish. That is why this carpet style is perfect for a master bedroom, dining room, or a formal living room.

With its uniformity, it easily shows footprints and vacuum streaks which is why it is not recommended in high traffic areas.

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Frieze (Shag):

Unlike Saxony, shag carpeting is an excellent choice for high traffic area or places with active children. This style of carpet has very tight twist so that the end of each strand of yarn actually curls over slightly. By doing this, you have a lovely textured carpet that does not show the high levels of activity. This carpet is a casual look in a home and is excellently durable and sturdy against wear.

Since the frieze style is available in various pile heights it is capable of creating a variety of different looks in your home. Friezes are also available with berber flecking or flecking of neutral color to add additional style to your home. This style is also known as cut-pile berber.


This style of carpet is excellent underfoot but make sure you choose carefully. Cable style carpet is constructed of thicker, or a combination of both thicker and thinner, yarn with a longer pile length. Overall, it makes a beautiful addition in a bedroom or living room.

Similar to the frieze styles, cable styles can also be found in a berber flecking.
This style of carpeting is another one that is best suited with a lower level of traffic. The longer pile heights cause cable style carpets to matte and crush with heavy foot traffic. Avoid using this is areas in locations such as stairs, hallways, or other busy areas.
Carpet types in Everett, WA from Flynn's Carpet Cents


This style of carpet is a loop style carpet and is often referred to as a berber. Loop pile carpets use uncut yarns that are either formed in a level or multi-level loop carpet structure.

One reason why these carpets are so popular is because loop carpets are very durable. The reason they are known for their exceptional strength is because then end of the yard is not cut. This minimizes the ends of the carpet from fraying and allows you to be able to see each loop individually.

Loop carpets are best for casual appearance. These are also excellent choices for active family rooms due to their strength. The carpet does well with minimizing the traffic marks, but could show seems or backing (especially on stairs). Loop carpeting is available in solid colors, berber fleck, or patterns with varying levels of loops. Overall this carpet is an excellent option for multipurpose flooring.

Patterned or cut & loop:

Patterned or cut & loop is an arrangement of cut yarns and looped yarns in order to create pattern effects. This is seen by the difference in exterior textures.

This style of carpeting is a well performing carpet and is low profile. Unfortunately due to their thickness, seams are sometimes more noticeable in patterned carpeting.

One great quality of patterned carpets is that they are stylish. With their versatility, they can act as either a formal or a casual look. Patterned carpets have a large range of choices in patterns. These patterns vary from little geometric to much larger patterns. With these different choices, this flooring can be used in any room to match any look desired.