Flooring installation


Flooring installation

Our services include full installation of all products that we sell. Installation is scheduled at your convenience and we take every precaution to be sure that your home is treated with respect and care.

There are a few tips that we’d like to share with you so that you can prepare your home for installation with peace of mind

  • Most baseboard moldings can be left in place with carpet installation. This may not be the case with tile, laminate or hardwood flooring.
  • For a nominal charge, Flynn's Carpet Cents will remove and dispose of your old carpet prior to your install. Please call for quote. If you choose to remove your own carpet, you will need to leave the tack strips in place if the old carpet is being replaced with new carpet.
  • Many carpets will display a difference in color density depending on the light source and the direction the carpet is laid. You will need to decide which direction you’ll want the carpet put down.
  • Please be aware that many print and multi-tone patterns of carpet are nearly impossible to match exactly. This is due to several factors in the manufacturing process. Often times certain styles will require additional yardage in order for our installers to achieve the very best match possible.
  • If this is a whole room face-lift, you will want to take care of any painting or wall repairs BEFORE you carpet is installed.
  • Please make sure that all the rooms that our installers will need to work in are cleared of furniture and ready to accept your new flooring. Flynn’s Carpet Cents will not be held liable for any damages that may occur, directly or indirectly, while handling your property.
  • If vinyl is installed, please arrange for the toilet bowl to be removed prior to the installers' arrival.
  • Beds need to be stripped and dismantled prior to installation.
  • Disconnect your washer, dryer, and all gas appliances. Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting any appliances.
    Remove all your breakables (ashtrays, plates, vases, lamps, and collectibles) prior to moving the actual furniture; make sure all electrical components are disconnected before you attempt to move your stereo, computer, VCR or TV. Our installers are not responsible for reconnecting these items.
  • For a fee Flynn's Carpet Cents will remove and replace baseboards, appliances and toilets. We are a full service company.



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