Laminate flooring types


The artificial look of laminate flooring is in the past.

If you did not like the artificial look of laminates, then it is definitely time to check again.

The look of the modern day laminates need close examination to be identified. Laminate flooring has come a long way from when it was first established. This is due to the growing popularity of these floors. All the manufacturers are creating beautiful floors ranging from traditional to rustic or even exotic looks of grains. They are to the point where these floors have the capability to have impressive designs such as distressed wood or natural stones. As they become more and more popular, the designs of the flooring is simply becoming better and better.

Today and laminates

As with sheet vinyl, laminates have also adopted the look of real, natural materials. This is especially seen in textured products that give a level of dimension to the new flooring.

Of these designs, the most popular are the wood grains. The rustic effect of old-fashioned wood flooring is by far some of the best-selling laminate products. After seeing the tremendous improvements made in laminate floors, you will see why.

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Modern screens make quality possible

Screens are the photographs associated with a specific style of flooring. If the style has a more pictures or screens associated with it, the quality of that style will improve and look more authentic.

Each manufacturer does its best job to recreate the match of a natural look by varying the colors, patterns, and texture of the product. This greatly improves the authentic look of the flooring as the more screens they have to offer, the more authentic the look will be.


Like all floors, laminates can be matched to any home décor, size, and activities that take place in order to best compliment your needs.

When choosing colors, it is important to remember what darker and lighter colors will do to your home. For rooms with tight compact spacing, using a lighter color of laminate will expand the look and feel of the room. On the other hand, using a darker floor with bring a more intimate feel to the room.

It is also important to choose something that either harmonizes or contrasts with your current furniture. Keep in mind; it’s a good idea to avoid matching everything to the same color. Use contrasts to make things more interesting and allow your creativity to craft a beautiful new room.
Laminate flooring types in Everett, WA from Flynn's Carpet Cents

Glueless laminate

Of all the flooring that is offered in laminates, glueless is the most popular. Obviously without a mess, it is extremely convenient and easy to work with. These designs come in a variant of wood and ceramic styles. Instead of a printed sheet, some manufacturers even have a real hardwood veneer they can use. With this, it really gives the look of true hardwood flooring.

When getting the floors installed, laminates need a thin plastic layer to be installed under the floors, in order to seal out any moisture. Moisture with any flooring is harmful. Most laminates require a 4 mil poly to be used. This helps the laminates to float freely over the subflooring. The other method to be used is a vapor barrier or noise reducer. These can be put underneath the laminates as well. After the underlay, the flooring can be installed using either planks or tiles.

Another option is using laminates that have an attached under lay. These laminates have an attached underlayment that helps reduce noise.

Floor moldings

If you are looking to really give your room that finished look, using laminate moldings can do the trick. Naturally your laminates will move and expand on top of the subfloor, and these moldings cover that space. It gives a seamless finished look to your new floors and can help transition into neighboring flooring.

The manufacturers who produce your flooring often produce a molding that matches well with your floors. Although they were designed to coordinate, often these are not a perfect match for everyone and their home style.