When considering carpet


Considering carpet

In this section we’ve laid down what we know and what you should consider before making a decision on carpet. Learning about the carpets specifications and qualities in extremely important and can help give you confidence in your purchase.

Cost, looks, and performance are the three key factors that one needs to look into when making a flooring purchase. By assessing what you want and need out of a carpet, while maintaining a balance of these components, you can be sure that your decision meets the needs of your lifestyle.

Carpet seams

Most, not all, of the carpets that you will see come in widths of twelve feet. Unless the room is smaller than twelve feet in width, there will be a seem with installation. Although there is no such thing as an invisible seam, there are some carpets that show seams more than others.

When installing carpets with loops or low profiles, the seams may be more noticeable than carpets with longer thread lengths or differences in textures. The visibility of seems overall have to do with the texture, color, lighting and furniture placement. It is important to bring up seem placement with your salesperson so that you can get the best look from your new purchase.

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Loop carpets & carpet nap

Another aspect to be cautious of when purchasing carpet is carpet backing showing through. When carpet bends over stairs, its backing may be more inclined to show. This is depending on the texture, color, and density of the carpeting. You should be aware that loop carpet can snag as well; especially at a seam or at a carpet transition. If you have a home with pets, loop carpets are not recommended as their nails can snag on the loops and hurt your pet.

The naps of carpets always run in one direction. When getting carpets installed, the naps should always be installed in the same direction to maintain an even appearance. Pile reversal, or shading, is a typical characteristic of many cut pile carpets and most prominent in a plush carpet. If this becomes a problem in your home, consider purchasing window treatments or monitoring furniture placement in order to minimize this from happening.

Quality equals durability

If you are looking for a durable carpet that’ll last, higher quality carpet will typically have greater pile density, and tauter twist structure. This will produce a greater performance overall.
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Choosing color

Of all the choices that influence your home aesthetics, color is one of the biggest and most impactful decisions. Carpet covers a big space so keep in mid a few guidelines when deciding on a color of carpet.

First of all, when a carpet is installed in the home, it will often appear lighter than the sample. Now that you know this, it is a good idea to keep that in mind when choosing a color before it is installed. The next color key aspect is how the color will affect the sizing of your home. Lighter colored carpet appears to expand the size of the room while darker carpeting colors appear to bring the walls closer together, and create a more intimate feeling. This is true with not just carpeting, but with all color of flooring types.

If you have a color scheme in your house that you tend to change often, or desire to change in the future, it is always a good idea to go with a neutral color. This is also true if you are integrating existing furniture. Another strongpoint for using neutral colors is if you ever plan on reselling your house. It’s easier for a prospective buyer to imagine their style in a room that is decorated with neutral colors because they match with just about anything.

Stain protection

Stain protection is offered though different protection levels and warranties that help guard your carpet against stains. Generally, as you increase the quality of carpet, the level of stain protection increases along with the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Keeping this in mind, always check on the warranty of your specific carpet because they can and will vary among the choices.