When considering hardwood


The elegance of a pre-finished hardwood floor offers beauty and value to any home.

It is also easy to take care of and durable making it a popularized option of flooring. Each species of wood has its own unique characteristics. Interestingly, the conditions of nature in which the wood grew under make each floor exceptional and individualized.

Pre-finished hardwood floors are sanded, screened and stained at the manufacturing plants. These floors also have many layers of urethane sprayed onto the boards. After, they are UV dried for a very durable finish.

After years of use, the pre-finished floors can even be screened and recoated to rejuvenate the finish and revitalize the floor’s natural beauty that it had.


Each species of wood has its own characteristics. First of all, the color is established by which portion of the tree the wood originally came from, while the grain pattern is determined by the species of wood and how it was cut. Because of these being trees with all of their uniqueness attached, natural variations in the color and grain are normal and to be expected. These variations create the beautiful and unique look of a wood floor. It is exactly this natural difference in color and pattern that laminates try to mimic. They make your floor close to one of a kind and absolutely beautiful.

Wood floors will expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes, causing hairline cracks, slight height variations or both.

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Be aware, hardwood flooring does not expand or contract equally in all directions. You will often see unevenness, but this is not at all a defect. It is just natural.

No sub-floors are absolutely level. It isn’t unusual to hear hollow sounds where the surface of the subflooring dips and ridges. This sound does not affect the integrity or installation of the hardwood and is also a natural thing that happens. Hollow sounds are normal and are one of the things that we get with the hardwood flooring. In no way is this a defect or lack of proper installation.

Exposure to sunlight will greatly increase the hardwoods natural tendency to fade, darken, or change shades over time. This is why window treatments are highly recommended as well as switching aroung your house furniture and area rugs in order to allow the floors to evenly age from UV exposure.