When considering laminate


When considering laminate

As you look at the different styles and designs that they have to offer, you will see that there is not much of a price difference between the styles.

This is why choosing the best laminates has to do with knowing the right characteristics to fit your lifestyle including aesthetics, use, and price. By shopping smart you can not only get the right look of the floors, but you can get their strength, attractiveness, and value all in one.

Since laminates are durable, they offer some of the least maintenance. These floors are stain resistant and do not need to be waxed or varnished. This is another reason why these floors are so popular, especially those with high traffic or with children.

Not to mention, the visual styles are so new and modern they can fit any home style with the beautiful look of hardwood and stone that will match any home look.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, even with laminates. The high quality laminate floors will give you better design and performance. When looking at the price variations, the exotic varieties and species, the unique textures, and high pressure manufacturing are all factors that can alter the cost of the flooring.

Along with the price, it is important to check on the warranty information carefully before making a selection.


The “floating floor system” is the technique that is used when installing laminate floors. This system uses a padded underlayment that lies between the subfloor and the new laminate flooring.

The planks or tiles of laminate are not tied down to the subflooring. Instead, they sit directly on top of the underlayment and allow for all pieces to be connected together to form a floating single piece of flooring. By doing this is causes a hollow sound when walked on, but that can be reduced with quality underlayment. Also, this creates a slight give that is much more comfortable to walk on compared to a harder surface such as ceramic tile or natural stone.

Another often occurrence is a slight peaking or ridging that can happen between the planks or tiles. This is very normal and you have nothing to be concerned about if this happens.

Most laminate floors lock together without the need of adhesives on the sides of the planks and tiles. This is known as our glueless installations. These types of laminates are great because they interlock together on the sides. It makes it very easy to replace or repair if that is ever necessary down the line.

The price of the laminates per square foot is only part of the total calculated cost. It is very important to look at all of the following when keeping your budget in mind, to ensure that there are no surprises at the end. Ask any of us to calculate a total cost for new floors to ensure that you are choosing the correct floor style.

  • Furniture removal and replacement
  • Demolition and disposal of old flooring
  • Sub-floor preparation
  • Delivery
  • Laminate installation
  • Material cost (flooring, moldings, etc)

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