When considering vinyl


When Considering Vinyl

When choosing any type of flooring, the goal is to find the right balance between cost, looks, and performance. Once you do this, you can be sure that you are choosing the best flooring option for your lifestyle. As you learn more about these flooring options, you should be able to choose what you do and do not need so that your floor purchase does not cause you to break the bank.

That is why we want you to understand that the huge advancements in technology have greatly improved the level of vinyl flooring so that they are not only affordable, but they are durable, too.

Most of the popular patterns that are out there today are created by and inspired by nature. The options you can choose from vary all over including that imitate beauty of natural stone.

Vinyl is created using several different layers. There is the wear layer, the printed layer, the inner core, and a backing. During the process of choosing vinyl flooring, thicker is not always better, even though it may seem so at first. Many inner cores have a density that will help your floor resist rips, tears, gouges, and indentations. Without being overly thick.
By understanding the quality of the wear layer, you will be capable of determining how your floor will stand up to staining, scuffing, and scratching.

When you look into choosing the right type of vinyl for a specific room, you really need to focus on the level of foot traffic that occurs that that specific room. This is important for several stages of the choice process of vinyl floors.

Depending on your specific area that is being covered, there may be some need for seems.

This is another consideration to keep in mind when looking at pattern options because certain patterns are capable of hiding the seams better than other. One floor option that usually hides seams well, is vinyl flooring with printed grout or tile designs. Additionally, some of the sealants that can be places on seams will actually end up drawing more attention to the seam due to the different finish or texture.

If you know your budget, and is now to the point of picking the best option that fits in the price range, then be sure to include all elements of the new flooring process. The cost per square foot is just one of several components to the project. Feel free to ask any one of our salesmen to calculate a total cost of project before making the final flooring choice. Some expenses that you may need to include are:

  • Vinyl installation
  • Furniture removal and replacement
  • Removal and disposal of old flooring
  • Sub-floor preparation
  • Delivery
  • Material cost (flooring, moldings, etc)
  • Removal of appliances, toilets, and baseboards

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